Best Flowers to Say Sorry and Apologize
When it comes to apologizing, it is an unspoken rule to bring something along to convey your message properly so that it has an impact on the receiver. Apologizing can be a difficult situation for someone and not everybody is articulate with words, so it is always a good idea to send someone whom you hurt some flowers. Flowers speak for themselves and of course, for you as well in times of trouble and do damage control perfectly. Anyone’s heart can be easily melted by the fresh, colorful and fragrant flowers in a jiffy, so use this as an opportunity to reverse the damage that has been done. Here are some flowers that you can use to say sorry to anyone, be it a friend, spouse, or even family: Sunflowers Sunflowers symbolize positivity and happiness and are perfect cheer someone up or to apologize to them if you have said or done something to hurt them. They are ideal to be given to a friend or family member if you had an argument or a fight earlier and want to mend a broken relationship. They might not be fragrant but look at the bright side; they are big, beautiful and bright just like the heart of the receiver who will most likely forgive you after you send him/her some. Lilies If you want to renew a relationship that was severed or broken for a while and don’t know where to start, then lilies are the perfect way to go. There are many kinds of lilies to choose from but in this scenario, you should go with Lily of the Valley because they are white and delicate flowers that smell great. Their color represents purity and their delicateness represents the renewal of a lost friendship/relationship and return to happiness. Lilies work best as wedding anniversary flowers as well to signify the strength of the marital life. 2nd Image goes Here Tulips If you want to apologize to your partner then giving her some tulips will definitely accelerate the forgiveness process because who doesn’t love bright and plump tulips? Get her a bouquet of white or pink tulips (or even mixed) to express your apology and ask for forgiveness. Tulips are used for apologies in many cultures and given as floral baskets or bouquets to signify the rebirth of a broken or damaged relationship. Pro Tip Sometimes you have to go the extra mile to express your deepest apologies. So, get an assorted floral bouquet or basket of roses, orchids, sunflowers, tulips or pansies to be delivered to the person you to apologize to. Every flower will speak out to the person and your relationship will be mended in no time. So, head to your local florist and start choosing!