Last Minute Ideas for Your Christmas Centerpiece This Year
Christmas is not like any other holiday. It has its own colors, traditions and charm. It is also the time of the year where you get to see all your family together and have one big dinner. It’s a merry little occasion, and festive events like these require some serious home décor, particularly the addition of some pizzazz to the centerpieces. After all, when everyone gathers around the table, and they definitely need some good vibes and pretty aesthetics. If you are one of those last minute shoppers, who always end up forgetting one thing for another, let us provide you with some easy and quick flower arrangements for Christmas centerpieces: A Jovial Red and White Bouquet Red and white is the color of Christmas, so it makes sense to have a centerpiece that pays homage to it. For beautiful blooming red and white centerpiece, you’ll need to order to following flowers immediately: • Ivy Ivy is a popular choice for floral arrangements because it brings a unique addition to the centerpiece with its cascading vines. In contrast to the bright colors of flowers, Ivy’s light green ends up flattering the arrangement. It completes the look of any centerpiece with its variegated leaves. • Dahlia Dahlia comes in a plethora of colors, which is why it is famous for Christmas. Order red and white Dahlias to create the typical Christmas palette for the occasion. Dahlias are big too and will really make your centerpiece stand out. • Hybrid Tea Rose Hybrid tea rose is just what is needed to give a fancy look to your Christmas centerpiece. These flowers have long stems that make them easier to insert in vases. They also complement Dahlias beautifully. You can order the ‘Latin Lady’ that has a double shade and looks sophisticated, accentuating the elegance of the décor. A Winter Bouquet Christmas falls at the height of winter, where snow covers the road and has us all bundling in blankets and gathering around the fire on Christmas Eve. As a nod to the chilly weather and also to keep the centerpiece in place, long after Christmas, we can do something different. How about creating a snow ashen bouquet by ordering white chrysanthemums and pairing them with branches of white pine? You can get creative with the holders too and light some little candles around the flowers. It will make a striking centerpiece for the winter. A Candle of Carnation If you would rather have just one flower, then we know just the arrangement for you. All you need to do is order a bunch of white and red tipped carnations. It will take care of the Christmas palette as well as of the floral centerpiece. Place these carnations in a ceramic bowl around a candle. It is easy, simple and very classy. See, you don’t need to worry about Christmas centerpieces anymore. Just call the right florist, order your flowers and get creative. It will hardly take half an hour to decorate your tables this holiday.