When you think of ordering from a flower shop Scottsdale site you may consider roses, carnations, or lilies. But don’t forget about these smaller flowers too. Peonies are dainty and delicate, and also make the perfect gift. They can be sent as birthday gifts, to someone you’re courting, or to cheer someone up. Just like with other types of flowers, peonies are also available in a wide range of colors, sizes, and types. Here are just a few of our favorite types of peonies that we feel are perfect for a bouquet or floral arrangement. Ann Cousins is a type of white peony that may be mistaken for a white rose. It has more petals with rounded edges. These flowers can grow up to eight inches in diameter. They have a fresh lemony fragrance with a dark green stem. This type is often used for exhibition. Attar of Roses is another type of peony that can replace the rose. Its similar to Ann Cousins, but in a bright pink color. Not only does this flower look similar to roses, but it also has the distinctive and strong rose fragrance too. The flowers are attached to dark green foliage. Bartzella is the perfect type of peony to cheer someone up. This flower has bright yellow petals. They’re a hybrid with fluffy lemon yellow flowers and center petals with an internal red flare. They also have a lemony fragrance. Big Ben features flowers that are deep pinky-red. They have that distinctive traditional rose color with a nice sweet fragrance. These are taller types of peonies, so they’ll stand above most others in a bouquet. These flowers also have strong stems so they don’t need additional support. These flowers work well when cut and are usually inexpensive. Blaze is one type of peony that has small rounded petals with a distinctive center of yellow stamens. These are simpler flowers with two or three rows of petals. They have thick stems and stand up well in bouquets. Bowl of Beauty is similar to Blaze but instead of being red, it’s pink. Perhaps when you think of peonies you think of this type. They have yellow stamens in the center. These peonies are inexpensive and are available year-round. Bowl of Cream features delicate petals that are almost translucent. They have creamy white flowers in the form of a rose. They have hidden golden stamens at the center, and have a good fragrance. Buckeye Belle also has a rose form. These peonies are a hybrid from the 1950s. They don’t have ay fragrance. The flowers are a deep dark red with velvety dark petals. The yellow stamens at the center make a good contrast. Peonies make the perfect gift when you’re stuck on what to give. You can give them to your spouse, your mother, your daughter, and even your boss or coworkers. Don’t forget your better second half would love Peonies with your Valentine’s Day Flowers. Give the gift of a lovely peony bouquet or floral arrangement from your favorite Scottsdale florist. Call Enchanted Florist at 480-994.1758 or go online to https://www.enchantedfloristaz.com/types-of-flowers/peonies.html