Decorating Tips for Thanksgiving Flowers Are you planning on ordering Thanksgiving flowers for the special holiday celebration this fall? Many people enjoy creating their own table centerpieces. Your flowers can be delivered in boxes, or you can pick them up from your local florist. The flowers can be made into a wide variety of arrangements for your dinner table centerpiece, your entryway table, and your accent tables. Here are a few tips to help you get started. Pay Attention to Textures While color is extremely important, texture also plays a large role in floral arrangements. There should be a mix of textures in your bouquets. Some flowers should be soft and smooth, while others should be pointed and bold. You can choose mums, hydrangeas, or roses, then add in something unexpected like a branch of berries. Use Green to Balance Colors Many people try to hide green in floral arrangements but it can actually add a touch of freshness. If you want to step outside of the usual Thanksgiving colors, then add a touch of greenery to your vases. Consider Height If your Thanksgiving flowers are short and in smaller containers, they may not adequately decorate your table. But tall, high flowers can embolden your table. You can have a good mix of bright and colorful fall flowers. But also remember that you don’t want your floral arrangement so tall that you can’t see your family across the table. Choose Unique Containers Instead of using a basket or a regular vase, think about what type of unique containers you can choose. Often a champagne bucket or an old wooden box makes the perfect choice for Thanksgiving flowers. Consider Non-Traditional Flowers Instead of choosing the same types of flowers that you would for birthdays or Valentine’s Day, order Thanksgiving flowers that are unexpected. Just some suggestions are brunia, thistle, nigella, or orchids. Your arrangement will have an edge but still look and feel dramatic. You may even wish to add in some black tapered candles to complete the look. Set Up Groupings Set up a variety of different groupings within one arrangement. You may base them on the same color palette, or similar textures. Then group them in one cluster on the table. Even though there will be some variety, the similarities between each will help to pull your Thanksgiving centerpiece together. You can even use leaf wrap around your vases to achieve some consistency. Add in Fragrant Herbs Herbs not only add a touch of green to your arrangements, they can also add a touch of aroma too. This will help to tantalize the senses when everyone is seated around the dining room table getting ready to eat the big meal. Thanksgiving flowers can provide a touch of elegance to your Thanksgiving dinner table. There are many different ways you can use flowers, herbs, plants, and containers to achieve a warm and inviting floral arrangement. And don’t forget the other parts of your home too. You can tie together all your Thanksgiving decorations to make your home look warm and inviting.