Flowers are the perfect gift, irrespective of occasions. Whether you need to say, “I Love You” or “I am Sorry”, flowers are the best accompaniments. It is impossible to imagine Valentine’s Day without a bunch of Red Roses or a wedding without a bunch of White Roses. With the surge of reliable flower delivery services flooding the Internet, the distant constraint for delivering flowers to a loved one is negated completely. Nature had created its own beauty which is admired by every human being to celebrate the moment filled with emotion and turn it into a special occasion Roses Baptized from the Latin Rosa, this flower is mostly known for three of its color variants, White, Yellow and Red, each having its own symbolic connotation, and mostly a native of Asia were known since ages for their ornamental and landscaping, as well as minor medicinal and recreational uses. Rosariums or Rose Gardens form tourist attraction worldwide and is a source of commercial activities as well as a breeding ground for newer varieties of Roses. The most famous of the rose gardens are found in the Indian subcontinent in form of the Mughal period rose gardens, followed closely by the Rosarium of Argentina, Austria, Australia, Belgium China, Canada, Netherlands, the UK and the US. One of the oldest records of a Rosarium is a thousand-year-old, in China, the second largest producer of Roses after India. The oldest of the surviving Rosariums are that of the Mughal and the Rajput Rose Gardens in India and Roseraie de L'Haÿ in France (laid in 1899). Major Traders The Major consumers of Cut Roses remain the European Union and the United States. In the EU, Germany and the United Kingdom also was one of the major importers of the Cut-Stem Roses with the UK average import value of €131 million, the major exporters being Kenya, Zambia, India, Uganda and Columbia, while as much as 41% of the Cut flower imports of the United States are Roses.The Major exporters in the segment of cut Roses are Equador, India, Colombia and Kenya. Social Connotations Roses, in the Pre-Christian, Pagan era were used to expressing devotion to the Venus and were used as a herald in the coat of arms of the town Ružomberok in Slovakia. With the advent of Christianity, a red rose became synonymous to Virgin Mary and gave way to the creation of rosary. In Islam, with the development of the gardens conforming to geometric shapes, Roses were given a special place. It forms the state symbol of as many as 5 states of the United States of America and one state of Canada and the national flower of England. Peonies A springtime glory, Peonies is arguably one of the most beautiful and one of the most romantic flowers in the world. Although, under-hyped in relation to Roses, the Peonies were always a decorator’s favorite and is traditionally used in the floral decorations worldwide. The native of Asia, Europe, and Western America, the Peonies belong to the Paeoniaceae, family genus, a name first coined by Friedrich K.L. Rudolph in 1830, and consists of 30 major species and their subsequent sub-species. The flowers have a perennial bloom in temperate to cold areas in the Northern Hemisphere. Apart from the ornamental utilities, there are records that the Peonies were used by the Chinese as a flavoring agent, in none other than Confucius’ records, and the plant got its share of limelight from the Tang dynasty as the Royal Flower. Crossbreeds followed soon after to add on to the color palette of the Peonies. The Plum blossom of the peony family is designated as the national flower by the Taiwan Government Major Traders Israel has the major chunk of the Peonies global trade with around 90% of its total flower exports are Peonies. Availability of ample sunshine of around 300 days a year is a determining factor in the country’s staggering export figures of US $200 million annually, in the cut flower segment. Closely followed at heals is the Netherlands, which gives a special focus in the floricultural segment, and China. Social Connotations The Peonies are used majorly in the European Union and the United States of America as the wedding flower and is a star performer in the staggeringly high Wedding Planning Business segment. Apart from the same, the Peonies are used in the premium floral bouquets, as well as an in-house potted plant. Conclusion Flowers would always be a significant gift for every generation. The flowers bear the variety of significance which always expresses the importance of a particular moment. When we express love, we take it as a challenge to become more romantic and flowers are treated as the best prop to win the entire show and make your dearest one happier. Order flowers with Enchanted Florist located in Scottsdale at or call 480-994-1758