The United States does not have rich biodiversity unlike its neighboring countries such as Colombia. Its natural habitat has been mostly destroyed due to the construction of multistoried buildings and rapid industrialization. Although science and technology have left a massive footprint on its soil yet the country lacks in natural resources which are mostly imported from other countries. Due to the increasing awareness and need for natural habitat, the government has taken measures to carry out farming and has constructed national parks. Flower plantation also plays a vital part here. Although most of these types of flowers are imported from Colombia, some of them which are native to the land is as follows: 1. Echinacea Tennesseensis: This rare wild-flower plant belongs to the sunflower family and is mainly found in the central part of US, in the state of Tenessee. Also known as the “purple Coneflower”, Echinacea Tennesseensis is an herbaceous plant growing up to 75 cms in height. It has hairy leaves. It was thought to have extinct but was later rediscovered in 1968. 2. Azalea: These beautiful flowers are often referred as “the royalty of the garden” as they are known for their excellent foliage and colours! These flowers do require very low maintenance after they are planted. These flowers do require partial shade and the soil needs to be well drained. They rise 3 to 4 feet from ground and blooms during the spring time. But these flower plant does not grow everywhere as they are acid loving in nature. 3. Koki’o Flower: This is among the rarest flowers on earth. The flower is not only beautiful but also has a history behind it. This interesting flower was first discovered in 1860 and was believed to be extinct by late 1950. Another tree was found in 1970 but it was destroyed by fire in 1978. One of its supposedly living branches was grafted with the Kokiakauaiensis tree. Today it resulted in 23 living trees. These grow up to 4.5 meters tall and are bright orange-red in color. They are mainly found in Mau’i, Moloka’i, Hawai’i and O’ahu islands. 4. Asimina Tetramera: These flowers are mainly found in Southeastern coasts of Florida. It is also known as ‘four-petal pawpaw’ because of its flower. The outer petals are four in number. They are cream colored petals on the outer side and dark maroon on the inner side. 5. Aconite: These are the flowers that bloom first during the spring time and they are famous for their bright yellow colour! They grow in a group and they smell sweet which actually a honey-like fragrance is. They require partial shade and a well drained water system. They grow about 0.25 to 0.5 feet from the ground. 6. Bellflower: These flowers are mainly known for their attractive blooming. It is always a favourite kind of a gardener. It consists of 1700 species and is best for indoor purposes. They generally need full sunlight and well drained water to thrive. Bellflower plant grows 0.25 to 4 feet and generally bloom early summer. They are very good as cut flowers! 7. Bloodroot: Blooming during midsummer to mid-fall, these wildflowers are very easy to grow and you can grow them in any soil type. But you have to keep in mind that these flowers can grow and spread very quickly that can lead to management issues. Butterflies and bees are very much attracted to them. Bloodroot also requires full sunlight and they grow about 3 to 5 feet tall. How many sales are there per year in the United States? Flowers are always the biggest business that can be done throughout the year. Over 3.8 billion worth of cut flowers is being sold on mother’s day and Valentine’s Day together in the United States of America alone! How much are the sales of flowers for Valentine’s Day in the United States? Valentine’s Day is one of the days in the year which enjoys a lot of sales of flowers! Close to 1.9 billion worth of cut flower is sold on this day! Over 198 million roses were produced on the basis of Valentine’s Day in 2010 How many roses are sold in the United States? Since roses are very much popular in the United States, it actually constitutes 30-35% of the market of cut flowers! What’s the quantity of the roses and flowers? Roses and flowers are just like any others holiday obligations like fancy dinner, cars or a phone call and they are very important in people’s life. Over $34.3 billion is the yearly revenue for the flower industry in the United States of America. Even on winter holidays like Hanukkah and Christmas over $2.28 billion flowers are sold that constitute 30% of the total flowers sold throughout the year. For pictures of Beautiful Flowers check out Enchanted Florist in Scottsdale at: You will see why Enchanted Florist in Scottsdale is ranked as the #1 Flower Shop in Arizona.