While there are countless types of flowers in the world, none are as unique and equally beautiful as the Bird of Paradise! The exotic and tropical flower is like a tiny bit of paradise on a stem with its vibrant colors and one-of-a-kind looks. These flowers are native to South Africa and are also known as Crane Flowers for their distinctive and striking looks that are shaped like a bird’s plumage and beak. As the most beautiful exotic flower on earth, here’s some in-depth info on what will surely be your new favorite flower! Backstory Native to South Africa, the Bird of Paradise flower is now grown in many tropical and exotic places on earth. It gets its name from its three bright orange petals and three blue ones that are fused together in a single bud. As the flower blooms from September through May, its petals take on a remarkable shape of a bird in flight! The flower’s attractive colors have made it a popular symbol of paradise and tropical locations, such as Hawaii. In the wild, the flowers are pollinated by sunbirds that feed on the Bird of Paradise sweet nectar. These flowers are rather large ones, with its plant reaching 5 feet or higher, creating a marvelous sight to behold in the wild! In fact, the largest Bird of Paradise species can grow up to 30 feet in height! When used in floral settings, Birds of Paradise are usually mid-sized staples in tropical arrangements and bouquets, adding a dazzling sight to behold when used with other tropical or Hawaiian flowers. Given their blooming time, they make amazing flowers to use in summer floral arrangements and add loads of color and personality to bouquet or centerpieces, which is why many opt to use them in weddings and other types of celebrations and special occasions. Flower Symbolism and Meaning Like other flowers, Bird of Paradise have their own meanings, which include joyfulness and paradise, as well as excitement and anticipation. It also represents love, thoughtfulness and faithfulness, which is why many like to include it in a special bouquet or arrangement for loved ones. In fact, it’s the perfect flower to send to someone you love when you want them to remember that special tropical vacation you went on! After all, it’s a very significant part of Hawaiian culture since it grows everywhere in the wild. If you’re celebrating your ninth wedding anniversary, make sure to send some to your spouse since they are the anniversary’s official flower because it’s reminiscent of faithfulness! Finally, sending Bird of Paradise to someone means you are celebrating their good perspective on life. But they are also known as a symbol of freedom and joy thanks to its tropical nature. Thanks to its association with royalty and ruling families, Bird of Paradise flowers are associated with all things majestic and royalty. Receiving a bouquet or arrangement containing some Bird of Paradise flowers is a sight to behold and a bit of tropical delight all in one! These distinctive flowers can stop people in their tracks when seen in the wild or in arrangement, which is why they are such a captivating and eye-catching flower. As one of the biggest blooms used in the floral industry, let us help you create an amazing bouquet for any occasion. We offer exceptional flower delivery that’s convenient and easy – simply order flowers online at: https://www.enchantedfloristaz.com/types-of-flowers/bird-of-paradise.html or give us a call today at 480-994-1758 and let us know to add some Bird of Paradise flowers to your arrangement!