Rose bouquets are gorgeous on their own, but what if you want to heighten a bouquet’s beauty and really make the arrangement that much more alluring? Although the combinations of flowers with roses are endless, there are still some flowers that really complement roses better than others. It’s these flowers that will make an ordinary rose bouquet or arrangement into something spectacular and stunning! Some occasions, a simple dozen bouquet of roses doesn’t quite fit the celebration, which is why it’s best to create or request an arrangement that features flowers and complementary flowers to really take the arrangement to the next level. It’s these types of complementary flowers that will take a person’s breath away and leave them astonished at such an amazing sight! These flowers combined with roses are what set apart an ordinary “Thank You” and an “OMG, they’re beautiful and captivating!” expression of gratitude. So if you’re wondering what these companion flowers to roses are, keep reading and let us create a bouquet or arrangement for you to stun whomever you’re sending them to! Roses & Hydrangeas If you’re looking for a classic and classy flower combination, then you can’t go wrong with some roses and hydrangeas. Roses automatically signify romance and love, but pair them with hydrangeas in a flower delivery and you’ve got a sophisticated arrangement that will dazzle! Combined, roses and hydrangeas create a lovely and lush bouquet that’s perfect for weddings, celebrations and other special occasions. But not only are they fantastic centerpieces, a bouquet of both to someone you love will surely impress. Peonies & Roses Amazing on their own, peonies are bold additions to any bouquet of roses. Since they are so spectacular when in bloom, adding them in with roses just accentuates the beauty of both flowers. A soft and pretty peony and rose bouquet is sweet and the perfect pick me up for any family member, friend or loved one. And both flowers come in a variety of colors, making it easy to match them to each other to say just the right message with your bouquet! Calla Lilies & Roses Calla lily bouquets are stunning, but mix in some roses and you have one unforgettable bouquet of flowers that will brighten any one’s day! Try going with classic red roses that really contrast against white Calla Lilies for a classic and pristine look. The Calla Lily is a symbol of beauty and grace, then mixed with roses adds in the element of romance, which translates to the perfect flower bouquet for that special loved one in your life. Stephanoits & Roses This star-shaped bloom is a great filler for any arrangement and will definitely add in a bit of luck to any bouquet since they symbolize happiness and good luck! Although they might be simple flowers on their own, when combined with roses of just about any color, the star-shaped floral really makes a grand statement! Orchids & Roses If you want your bouquet to look elegant, add in some orchids to the mix. And since there are more than 20,000 different types, we can help you find the perfect match for any color of rose you choose to create an unforgettable match of beauty for your arrangement. Go for simple white-on-white or add in some color with red or pink roses matched with classic white orchids. And if you’re still not sure what flower will complement your favorite color of roses best, simply reach out to us and we’ll help you create a stunning bouquet for any occasion. We offer convenient flower delivery options and all you have to do is order online or give us a ring! For pictures or to order Roses with Flowers call 480-994-1758 or go to the website at: