Beautiful Flowers Flowers are simply put, beautiful. They’re beautiful out in nature in spring when they bloom just as much as they are sitting in a vase in your home. Anywhere you go and see flowers, the space just becomes beautiful by association because flowers have that kind of power. And it’s a universal truth that flowers are beautiful. Every country and culture sees flowers as beautiful things that spark emotions – whether it is love, joy, excitement or even sadness if the flower is associated with a sad memory. Beautiful Flowers are inspiration as well, intoxicating writers, artists and musicians with their renowned beauty. Their vibrant colors, unique shapes and appealing smells have inspired some of the greatest minds in history, providing us with poetry, songs and art that are just as beautiful as the floral inspirations themselves! When someone can’t create poetry, songs or art after being inspired by flowers, they instead take a different route and become a florist in stead! Their art is creating amazing arrangements and bouquets using the one medium they love the most – flowers. And we’re talking about all flowers here because there isn’t one single flower species that’s considered ugly. Every single flower on earth is beautiful in their own way, making them universally beautiful. We can’t think of anything that expresses beauty better than flowers. Just looking at them reminds us of God’s great masterpiece – the natural world! Being out in a field of fresh blooms in spring or smelling their intoxicating fragrances is enough to give someone the chills because they’re not special. The beautiful flowers has a powerful effects on us: they bring us peace and joy, reminding us that life is gentle and precious as it is beautiful. This is why many find flowers beautiful and become florists by profession. Being around flowers and arranging them to enhance their beauty brings them peace and joy, allowing them to be around their aromas day in and day out. Even those who love flowers but aren’t florists take joy in buying their own bouquets and flowers to use them in arrangements in their home or space. The beauty of flowers is just so enticing that even though they can’t make a career in them, they still want to be close to something they love and take it up as a hobby. With so many different kinds of flowers, people naturally gravitate toward the ones they see reflect their own notion of beauty, with roses probably the top flower favored by many for it’s beauty, symbolism and scent. Roses are the epitome of beauty when it comes to flowers, and what many usually associate as a symbol of love and affection. Probably a reason why it’s one of the most beautiful flowers on earth! So the next time you see a field of wildflowers, pass a flower shop or even go in and buy them, really take the time to see the beauty in all the flowers. Stop and think about why you think their beautiful and feel yourself automatically becoming more tranquil and peaceful. And don’t be shy about your thoughts and spark up a conversation with the florist for a very enduring and enriching talk that will most likely be the highlight of that florist’s day. A florist’s main passion is flowers and any chance they get to share their love and beauty is much appreciated! To find Beautiful Flowers order online at or call direction at 480-994-1758