Valentine’s Day can be one of the most rewarding, and yet one of the most disappointing of holidays celebrated in the USA. We spend the weeks leading up to Valentine’s Day agonizing over the perfect gift. Just what is the etiquette surrounding Valentine’s Day? This is a day that can make or break a relationship. It’s not about who has the most money, but more about an acknowledgement that you have a special person in your life. Both men and women who are pursuing a relationship, or who are already in a committed relationship, should provide each other with a small acknowledgement of their love. Men love to receive a small gift, such a handmade card or craft, or cookies. Women love to receive Valentine’s Day flowers. Some couple’s also enjoy heading out for dinner that night. Did you know that many women will pass over men if they don’t receive anything from them on Valentine’s Day? Even a telephone call, or a heartfelt email message acknowledging Valentine’s Day is suitable. The day itself often falls during a work week, and not everyone can get away for dinner, or to deliver a gift. A flower delivery of Valentine’s Day flowers is perfect for when your loved one has to work that night, or you know you’ll be too exhausted after work to drop by to say hi. It’s never good to simply ignore Valentine’s Day. Ignoring it says “I don’t care, and I’ll do the same on your birthday, Christmas, and more”. The week after Valentine’s Day can be a sad one as couples split up. You don’t want to be that couple. It’s also unacceptable to tell someone “you don’t believe in it.” That also tells someone that you don’t believe in commitment or rewarding someone for being in your life. Valentine’s Day doesn’t have to be expensive. Most people are simply happy that you thought of them on this special day. If you want to deliver a small bouquet in person, that’s perfect. But you can also order the biggest flower arrangement and have flower delivery on Valentine’s Day set up too. Imagine the surprise on your loved one’s face when their Valentine's Day flowers arrive! Flowers aren’t something that someone always has in their home. Sure, there may be flowers growing outside, but often people don’t think to trim them and bring them indoors. Plus, many people don’t know how to artfully arrange them. A professional florist can create a beautiful floral arrangement for you. If you’re uncertain what types of flowers that your loved one would appreciate, consider if they’ve ever told you they enjoy the smell of roses or carnations. The florist can even create a bouquet from their favorite colors if you’re uncertain. Don’t just call anybody. Call Enchanted Florist in Scottsdale for your flower delivery for Valentine’s Day. Not only do they have the most beautiful flowers but they also were voted #1 in Arizona 4 years in a row. With all 5 stars rating they are doing something right. When you can get the best for the same price as the other guys it’s the only way to go. Imagine the surprise on your loved one’s face when you send Valentine’s Day flowers. Even if it took you only minutes to place the telephone call to your favorite florist, it sends the message that your loved one really does matter in your life! Order today at or contact Enchanted Florist today at 480-994-1758