Place yourself into your gift recipient’s shoes. Do you want to give a gift of chocolates, or a fruit basket that they may not enjoy? Or do you want to send them a big beautiful bouquet of enchanted flowers that they’ll enjoy for the days ahead? Just what does receiving enchanted flowers feel like? Receiving a gift of flowers is like winning the lottery. Flowers are something that you don’t always have in your home, unless you grown an abundance of them in your garden. Most of us don’t have time to buy flowers. That’s why they make the perfect gift. There is a certain enchantment about receiving flowers. It’s like you’ve been placed in a fairytale. At that moment, all that matters is that your loved one has thought of you. They may have delivered the flowers in person, or they may have arranged for flower shop Scottsdale delivery. Mode of transport doesn’t matter, because they took the time and effort to pick out something for you. Also, they’ve gone to some expense to send you flowers, instead of buying you a cheap box of chocolates! Enchanted flowers may also be in reference to the type of gift that has been sent. If you’re searching for the perfect gift to enchant a loved one, you may wish to try a more unusual floral gift, rather than a traditional flower arrangement. Consider sending her a gigantic bouquet of roses. Not just 12 or 24, but ginormous! We’re talking about 50 or 100 roses. Do you have someone who has food allergies? You don’t want to buy them a cake, yet a cake is a birthday necessity. A flower cake is the solution! These cakes are made from flowers, so they’re not edible. They do have candles on the top though. These “cakes” can also be enjoyed for the week ahead. Picture of 50 Roses: Picture of 100 Roses: A flower heart is a great way to decorate the home. They’re a step up from Christmas wreaths, but in the shape of hearts. These make the perfect romantic gift. If you need a gift for a teen, or perhaps a child in the hospital, consider flower toys. These are flowers that are arranged in the shapes of bunnies or teddy bears. You can even send a small bouquet. It doesn’t have to be for a wedding or for the bride. There are many bright and colorful flower options available for when you’re sending a special gift that will fit in a dainty vase or even a mug that can be reused later. If you have something special in mind, please give us a call. We can source from our flower suppliers to create the perfect and most enchanting gifts. These custom orders may require an extra day, so please give us plenty of notice. But no matter what flower gift you choose, your loved one is certain to be enchanted by the flowers. No other gift will result in cheering up your loved one and putting a smile on their face! You can also order at our website: