An excellent way to communicate feelings, to commemorate moments or to convey sensations are amazing floral arrangements. There are a lot of types, each one focused on a different meaning and with different elements but all having in common the certainty that they will be a success. The main types of amazing flower arrangements are: - The bouquet, or hand bouquet: It is small, light, usually use long-lasting flowers and its main feature is to deliver or carry it in hand. - The fresh flower's center: It is a base with water, flowers with a composition and personal design, preferably durable. It is ideal for a table, a dresser or a suitable corner. - Natural plant with flower: In your pot which you must water according to the species and that will ensure you to enjoy it for a long time. - Center of natural plants: More complete and elaborated, possibly with a flowerpot and a great capacity to plant different species with a vocation to last and renew plants over time. In addition, there are amazing flower arrangements for special occasions. Without a doubt, they are the essential culmination of an important celebration in the life of a person. There are several types of celebrations that are usually decorated with amazing floral arrangements, including weddings. No one can imagine the wedding tables without the beautiful natural and elegant floral arrangements in the center. The same happens with the tables where the guests are arranged which are usually embellished with flower centers a little smaller and simpler than those of the bride and groom. In anything, amazing flower arrangements for the wedding are an essential element. Basic rules about the color scheme: - As you already know, there are three primary colors which are red, blue, and yellow and from which the whole range of colors are formed. Well, for your amazing flower arrangements to be harmonious, you can never match flowers of these three primary colors at the same time in the same bouquet. - For a perfect visual effect, fresh flowers with intense or darker colors should be placed on the bottom of the bouquet while those with lighter or paler colors have their place at the top of the arrangement. - Although it may seem shocking, the ideal is not to disperse the colors throughout the bouquet but to form groups of flowers of each color and combine them to form the arrangement. - You can combine fresh flowers of complementary colors that is, primary colors mixed with secondary colors such as green, orange, and purple to create compositions of contrasted harmonies. If you are looking to make amazing flower arrangements, here we teach you some simple steps so you can create your amazing flower arrangements in the simplest way. 1. Choose your fresh flowers with the right amount: The best fresh flowers to combine with the roses are the lilies, the carnations, the gerberas also other smaller flowering plants such as the gypsophila or the Calluna. Regarding the number of fresh flowers, you must purchase to make your arrangement. Buy cut flower bouquets that contain fresh flowers of each type that you are going to use and do not forget the bouquet of roses. The ideal amount is the one that can occupy four times the opening surface of the container where the flowers are going to be placed. This will ensure you have a thick and leafy arrangement. Remember to also make decorative foliage like bear grass, among other options. 2. Create a grill with adhesive tape: The perfect trick to keep the flowers straight and upright in your amazing flower arrangements is to create a grid in the mouth of the vase or container using floral tape or transparent tape. Make a grill with squares not too large to show empty spaces or too small to not fit two stems in one. 3. Fill the container with water and fertilizer: Before placing the fresh flowers, fill the container with water, better if it is warm since it helps the cut flowers to better collect their nutrients. And also the special food for flowers that you can get at the florist or nursery where you buy the flowers. 4. Cut stems and pluck leaves: Another trick to keep the fresh flowers fresh for as many days as possible is to cut their stems in a bevel shape so that they absorb the food better. In addition, it is important that you remove the lower leaves of the stems so that they are not submerged in water, since they could be a source of contamination and bacteria. 5. Place the fresh flowers: First, you must place the decorative green foliage on the outer squares of the grill. Then, it will be time to place the main flower, in this case, the roses, in central and middle squares without reaching the exterior ones. Buying fresh flowers have always been and will be a unique way to celebrate any event or to make an important person feel special. Place your order online and get fresh flower delivery easily and quickly.