A Hawaiian lei is a necklace of flowers that you get when you arrive in Hawaii. They can be constructed of fresh flowers, cloth or plastic flowers, seeds, nuts, feathers, and other objects, but a fresh floral lei is the best. This custom was brought to the Hawaiian Islands by visitors from Polynesia. The tradition continues today. Lei doesn’t need the “s” to make the plural word leis, as there is no plural in the Hawaiian language. Anyone can wear a lei, visitor or inhabitant of Hawaii. The most common tradition of wearing leis is to welcome tourists to the island. In the early 1900s, visitors would toss their leis into the water in hopes that it would mean they would come back to the islands one day. Even though leis are popular in Hawaii, you can actually order them on the mainland too. You may want to learn more about the tradition of wearing leis. Do you need a special occasion in Scottsdale in order to wear a lei? Technically, no. There really are few rules. There may or may not be an occasion. Have you never worn one? You can visit a flowers Scottsdale shop and simply buy one for your enjoyment. Generally, a lei is a way to welcome someone to the party or celebration. It can display a person’s affection for another. The proper etiquette is to always accept a lei and to never refuse one. Perhaps there is a summer party ahead. You can choose to order leis for your garden party or BBQ. Leis can even be worn for a special outdoor wedding. Leis can not only be worn as necklaces, but they can also be wrapped around hats and wrapped with ferns or feathers. Leis are also suitable to give for a birthday. You can also give them at weddings or at graduations. Once you start giving them, you’ll want to give more. And not everyone thinks of giving a lei for an event or celebration, so that will make your gift extra-special. You may wonder how you wear a lei? Usually someone places one over your head. It’s usually worn gently draped over your shoulders. It’s unlike wearing a necklace, where the back is up close to your neck, and most of it drapes down the front. Wearing a lei should be comfortable. If you keep the sides near your arms, then you won’t feel constrained. Part of it should also be hanging down your back, rather than snug against your neck. Once you’re wearing a lei, it’s actually rude to remove it, particularly in front of the person who gave it to you. If you must remove to adjust your clothing, or change into your swimwear, do it in the washroom. Then, place it back on. Hawaiian leis also are also a fun way to liven up your tropical party or event. Instead of spending money on balloons (bad for the environment) why not order several leis for your guests? To order Hawaiian Leis contact Enchanted Florist in Scottsdale, AZ at 480-994-1758 or order on the website at: https://www.enchantedfloristaz.com/flowers-for-special-occassions/hawaiian-leis.html