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The Best Florist in Scottsdale is Enchanted Florist, Voted #! in AZ 4 years in a row.

Local Best Florist in Scottsdale, Enchanted Florist Smashes Competition for 4th Year in a Row Scottsdale, AZ – In an annual contest hosted by Arizona Foothills Magazine, members of the community voted Enchanted Florist as “Best Florist,” with a majority vote. “We are absolutely thrilled,” says, the owner of Enchanted Florist. “It’s a great feeling to know our community is happy with our services and floral arrangements.”

Other local shops are also claiming to have similar accolades. In fact, the only contest in Arizona to award the title of “Best Florist” is hosted by the Arizona Foothills Magazine. When asked about these false claims, Ground states, “It’s actually quite a compliment. We know how difficult it is for local businesses to stay afloat these days, so we can sympathize with their need to be seen as the best.” Ground purchased Enchanted Florist in 2013 with a specific vision in mind. “We simply wanted to provide our customers with exemplary service for all of their floral needs. Typically, flowers are purchased for celebratory purposes – times in people’s lives that are incredibly important,” Ground continues. “As such, we’ve made it our mission to support our clients during these times so they can celebrate stress and worry-free.” The title Best Florist in Scottsdale for 4 years in a row sure does require a lot of detail work so we don’t miss a thing. Flower Delivery must be on time and done right. The Flower Arrangements must be as perfect as possible and the driver has to get it there looking as good as it left the flower shop. Best florist in Scottsdale…. We strive to be the best and really find it important to take care of every customer like it’s our own family member.

As The Best Florist in Scottsdale, Enchanted Florist provides flowers for a variety of different occasions, including Valentine’s Day, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries and funerals. “No matter the occasion,” says Ground, “we have exactly what our customers require. Our client’s high level of satisfaction is all of the proof we need that we are indeed “the best florist in Scottsdale.” Results from the competition can be found on the Arizona Foothills Magazine website at To find out more information about Enchanted Florist, visit

Contact Information: Enchanted Florist 480-994-1758

Enchanted Florist is a Florist in Scottsdale, AZ. Please enjoy our fun video’s with all kinds of different flower arrangements, business services and more. We hope you enjoy a variety of video’s for your pleasure.

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