How to Make Your Flowers Last Longer

We have transcribed this video tutorial here in our All About Flowers Blog

Receiving flowers from someone is nothing short of serendipity that makes your entire day worthwhile. Whether they are your wedding anniversary flowers, Valentines’ day bouquet or for your birthday, a bunch of flowers is all you need to bring a smile on your face. Whether you get roses, lilies, sunflowers, or orchids, as long as they are fresh, beautiful and fragrant, that is all you need. But without proper care and attention, your fresh flowers will start to wilt and rot sooner than you can turn around and take a good look at them. These 5 surefire tips will keep your flowers retain their freshness and scent for longer. Removing The Flowers From Their Packaging It is really important that you first remove all the flowers from the bouquet packaging. Many people like the packaging a lot and so they never take the flowers out of them. Before they know it, the flowers start to wilt and rot, leaving them no choice but to throw them away. Therefore, to avoid all of that, it is the first thing you should do. Cut The Stems After carefully removing the flowers from their bouquet packaging, it is time to cut their stems. Never cut the stems with scissors because this will damage their tips and prevent them from absorbing water properly. Always use a sharp knife to cut them at a 45 degree angle and preferably under water. This technique ensures that there are no air bubbles and they retain moisture. You should only cut half an inch. Transfer Them In A Vase Get a vase, preferably a transparent or crystal one so that you can see the clarity of the water. Fill it about half way with water and place all the flowers in it. Just because the flowers have been cut does not mean you shouldn’t hydrate them. You can also spray them water every now and then so that their petals and leaves look fresh and moist like. Keep Them Cool Keeping the flowers in cool temperatures will prevent any bacterial growth from happening. Don’t leave your fresh flowers out in the garden if it’s warm and keep them inside. Staying in a cool temperature will keep the petals and the buds plump and moist for longer. Change The Water Water that is stagnant can grow bacteria very quickly. Therefore, you must change the water every 2-3 days; otherwise, the flowers will decay in no time. Re-cut the stems You need to re-cut the stems the same way as described earlier every time you change the water to retain their freshness for longer time. Add Floral Preservatives Go to your local florist and add some floral preservative in the water. Don’t Let The Flowers Submerged Flowers need to be moistened but not to the point of being totally submerged in it as this will make them rot as well. Cut Off Dried/Rotten Flowers or Leaves As soon as you see a rotten or wilted flower, just remove it immediately from the vase as it can spread it to other flowers as well. Use these tips to make your birthday or anniversary flowers bloom vibrantly and stay fresh for longer!